It is a well known that fact that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to staying healthy. Studies show that a majority of time when people suffer from it poor night’s sleep it is due to the mattress on their bed. While some sleep problems can be traced back to a lumpy or broken down mattress a vast majority of sleep problems is simply due to a dirty mattress.

Studies show that when it comes to cleaning items in the home, cleaning the bedroom mattress is the most overlooked item in the home. Yet, your mattress is the catch all for a number of unpleasant things such as dust and pollen, hair and body oils, perspiration and other body secretions, pet hair, spills from snacks or drinks consumed in bed, and even accidents caused by ill children and pets, dead skin cells and the dust mites that feed off of those skin cells. All of these things combine to make your bed a less than healthy and restful place to sleep.

How Often Should Your Mattresses be Cleaned?

According to experts your mattresses should be cleaned at a minimum of two or three times a year, and experts believe that steam cleaning your mattress provides you with the most benefits.

In between deep cleaning your mattresses, you should vacuum them frequently, use mattress covers and wash you bedding often to help keep you mattresses as clean as possible between steam cleanings.

Clean Your Mattresses With Professionally Steam

Home steam cleaners often lack the ability to provide a high heat steam and simply don’t have a powerful enough extractor. The weak extraction of home steam cleaners can result in it taking a long period for your mattresses to dry and give the opportunity for mold and mildew to begin to grow inside the mattress itself. Here at Sunset Park Carpet Cleaners we use state of the art steam cleaners that not only provide hot enough steam to remove all dirt and odors, but they also can eliminate germs and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. In addition, the powerful extraction feature of our steam cleaners will leave your mattresses drier giving less opportunity for the growth of mold and mildew while you a great deal of time and effort.

Our Organic Cleaning Products are Better for Your Mattresses than Chemical Cleaners

In some cases, steam cleaning your mattresses alone may simply not be enough to eliminate all stains and odors. When a cleaning product is needed, our organic cleaning products are the perfect choice because they don’t contain any toxic chemicals nor do they leave behind any toxic odors to be breathed in while you sleep. Our green cleaners are safer for children and pets than chemical cleaners as well. You mattresses will not only be clean, but odor free as well.

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